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Subject: New Look Chat Room

New Look Chat Room
         does anyone want it?
                missing persons

Subject: whereabouts Date: 17-07-2006
Author: Liane Reply
Hi Wayne,

There is the Who attended list, (I know it is by no means a full list) I can add email address' to the list when required..... I could look at changing this list to old pupils rather than who attended.... and have someone to offer their time to update it. :o)

The other option is the old friends web site that has a pretty good listing as well, of those that have added their names.

Subject:     missing persons Date: 17-07-2006
Author: Wayne Roylance Reply
it's no so much the chat room we want (those over 50) but if you could find some way we could list friends we went to school with, those who know their wherabouts could help in contacting them. Also,all profiles should have the facility for people to contact them. under a form of BCC of course

Subject: does anyone want it? Date: 06-04-2006
Author: Liane Reply
I took the Chat room off line as it didn't seem to be working, and I had no repy to indicate that anyone was using it, or having trouble using it. If however there is anyone out there that wants a chat room, drop me a line and I will get another one for us.

Subject: New Look Chat Room Date: 07-08-2004
Author: Liane Reply
Not sure if anyone still uses the chat room!

I have replaced the old chat room with a new one.... The old one was getting a bit frustrating because of the adds and popup that just kept jumping up in your face.... This new one is our own so no more popups... It doesn't have any fancy bells and whistles, but it does have an added feature in that it keeps the last page of messages... so whenever you go in there will always be something to read!!!... kept that in mind if you pop in.... you may not want anyone to read your last message!?! but you can leave notes to others that may not be there yet... have fun....

If you do go in please leave at least one line... so I can see some movement :o)

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